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Police & Seniors

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Similar to most of us, it is likely you often pass by your local police department near and around your home while running errands however, chances are you are not too involved with the local police efforts yourself. Were you aware that as a senior citizen you have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your county police force and the opportunity to do so is presented by TRIAD? Triad is an agreement which encourages police officers from each county to work directly with senior citizens in their community to reduce crimes against the elderly. Triad focuses on prioritizing the needs of senior citizens and helping strengthen the delivery of law enforcement to those needs. Triad provides forums for the elderly community to discuss relevant topics, hosts fraud and senior abuse prevention, as well as other relevant programs. TRIAD works directly through its county’s S.A.L.T council which is appointed through a community vote.

The S.A.L.T council is usually made up of 10-12 individuals ranging from sheriffs offices, AARP, and local seniors. Their meetings are usually held on a monthly basis and the committee is responsible for organizing efforts and plans they wish to put in place for the benefit of the senior community. The goal of this organization is to reduce crimes against seniors and increase their overall quality of life by working together to provide educational resources for both police force and seniors. These training are also helpful to police officers as they include specialized trainings for officers on how to to deal with Alzheimer’s affected individuals who are lost or in trouble. If you wish to learn more about S.A.L.T ,visit your local county police department for more information.